Fall OS – Saturday & Sunday, Oct. 20th & 21st, 2018

Artists - complete this form to enroll for fall open studio

Both registration fees must be paid by every artist who shows his/her work — even when sharing one studio, or deciding last minute and missing the PR, or even when not in attendance (e.g. another person displays your work for you).

Two Fees to Pay:

1. Registering with ArtSpan:  If you’ve already registered, check “YES” below. If not, check “NOT YET".  Deadline for their online guide and map: Sept. 12th.  ArtSpan's Fees:  $50 membership + $80 OS participation.  Go to www. artspan.org to register and view all their benefits. Or call them at (415) 861-9838.

2. Registering with The Point:  Submit form below by Sept. 21st to be guaranteed a listing on the Shipyard entry program. The Point fee helps to offset the cost of the traffic crew, printed materials, and event preparation:  $30 for Tenants,  $65 for Guests. Guests include weekend sublets, colleagues, friends – artists not paying rent year-round.  About the fee increase — the 1st in over 25 years: The SF living wage has been increased annually for the past several years and is currently $15/hour, making the cost of the traffic crew substantially higher. And currently the Fire Department requires an event like Open Studios to pay an Inspector to be on-site both Sat. and Sun. Let us know if you have questions or concerns, (415) 822-9675 or contact@thepointart.com.

Tenants who sponsor Guests:  You are responsible to send this form to your guest. And make sure your guest registers, pays fees, and follows all courtesy and safety rules specified in the O.S. Guidelines and your Fire Inspection "Long Form."

Name *
Registered with ArtSpan? *
Cards will be ready for pick-up 24/7, in hallway in front of The Point office in B.101 by the end of Sept. The Point will mail cards to Guests.
You must get a SY entry pass, and we need your DL or Picture ID to issue you one. Please email it to contact@thepointart.com.
If the studio is in B.101, 104, or 117, write in the amount the Guest is paying for the studio.
How will you be paying The Point Fee? *
$30 Tenants, $65 Guests